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GDY Loan Scheme


Purpose of the Loan:

  • For education in technical vocational courses BCA /MBA /BBA /MCA /Hotel Management etc. from recognized educational institutions for credit facilities.


Eligibility for Loan:

  • Those students who submit a certificate for admission in technical/ vocational courses will be considered eligible.


Maximum Loan Amount:

  • The maximum amount of the loan will be guardian's debt capacity or 75% of cost of study whichever is less.


Interest Rate:

  • The rate of interest for the loan will be 11.00% annually and the interest will be calculated on the monthly basis.


Term of the Loan:

  • The term of the loan will be 5 years and which will be recovered in monthly installments. The first installment will be on the enrollment of student or payable after a period of three months of loan payments.


Security for Loan:

  • Businessman parents have to put immovable property as collateral security, equivalent to the amount of debt and income tax returns are required to be furnished as equitable mortgage.


** For more information please visit your nearest branch of Zila Sahkari Bank Ltd. Mirzapur