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To provide Bank's Customers with techno financial services at par with the national and private banks services like e-Transfer, RTGS and NEFT is being provided through which lacs of Cane Farmers are being paid and normal customers and businessmen are also using this facility for their fund transfers. The Bank will soon start Mobile Banking Services for its customers.

RTGS- Real Time Gross Settlement:-

This is a system where the processing of funds transfer instructions takes place at the time they are received (real time). Also the settlement of funds transfer instructions occurs individually on an instruction by instruction basis (gross settlement). RTGS is the fastest possible interbank money transfer facility available through secure banking channels in India.

NEFT- National Electronic Fund Transfer:-

This system of fund transfer operates on a Deferred Net Settlement basis. Fund transfer transactions are settled in batches as opposed to the continuous, individual settlement in RTGS. Presently, NEFT operates in hourly batches from 10.30 am to 5.00pm on week days and 10.30 am to 1.30 pm on Saturdays.

The above mentioned facilities are available to both Retail and Corporate Internet Banking users of Zila Sahkari  Bank Ltd. Mirzapur (provided they have availed transaction rights).